Dr. M. A. Jaleel: Neuro Surgeon in hyderabad

Dr. M. A. Jaleel

MBBS, M.Ch. (Neuro, NIMS)
Neuro Surgeon
Experience: 20 years
Languages: English, Hindi, Telugu, Urdu

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Neuro Surgeon
Positions: Consultant Neuro Surgeon


  • Distinction in Physiology


  • Trained to establish the bone bank from cadavers


  • In the management of Neurotrauma specially Head Injuries
  • Various Neurosurgical procedurs on the brain and spine
  • Steotactic Surgery


  • Best resident Award from Nizam’s Institute of medical sciences
  • Appreciation from Director of Arab Central Hospital, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia


  • Several Publications and papers in National and International Journals/Conferences


Doctor was good suggested test and not done with it and suggested medicine to use (YES)

saw Dr. M. A. Jaleel

I had a very good experience with this doctor. Dr. Jaleel checked me and prescribed me very good medicines.

saw Dr. M. A. Jaleel

Doctor was good and he suggested some test, and some medicines

saw Dr. M. A. Jaleel

The doctor was good, treatment was good. Experience was good with the doctor. Checked me and prescribed me some medicines.

saw Dr. M. A. Jaleel

Doctor was excellent; he given the suggestions some medicines for few days and also suggested some tests.

saw Dr. M. A. Jaleel

Doctor was excellent and he treated us as family member and he prescribed the medicines also suggested to go for CT scan.

saw Dr. M. A. Jaleel