Dr. Niranjan Rao Pabbathi: Pediatric, Neonatology in hyderabad

Dr. Niranjan Rao Pabbathi

Experience: 35 years
Languages: English, Hindi, Telugu, Urdu, Persian

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Pediatric, Neonatology
Positions: Senior Consultant Pediatrician


  • M.B.B.S in 1971
  • D.C.H in 1975
  • M.D (Pediatric) in 1977
  • F.I.A.P in 1982


  • Consultant for S.V.R Super Speciality Hospital
  • Consultant for Matrika Hospital
  • Consultant for Krishna Super Speciality Hospitals
  • Online Consultant for Apollo Hospitals
  • Hon.Consultant for N.I.M.S
  • Senior Consultant Pediatrician at Little Stars Children's Hospital


  • Ears Piercing(Pure Gold Over Medical Grade Stainless Steel)


  • Gold Medalist for Research Work in "Genetic Aspects of Rheumatic and Congenital Heart Diseases"


  • Elevated HBA2 Levels in Rheumatic Fever and R.H.D-A new finding
  • Inbreeding, Mortality and Genetic load in families with Congenital Heart Diseases(C.H.D)-ACTA Anthropogenetic Vol 5(3)(151)(1981)
  • A Study on Phenylthicabamide taste sensitivity, Ear lobing, Handedness, Hand Clasping in Rheumatic and C.H.D-INDIA journal of Heridity-Vol 10 No.4(1978)
  • Haptoglobin types in Rheumatic and C.H.D-INDIA journal of Heridity-Vol 12 No.1(1980)
  • ABO Blood groups in R.H.D Alta Anthropogenetic, Vol 2 (102)(105)(1978)
  • Dermatologyphic Studies in R.H.D HUM.HERED-28 (72-78)(1978)
  • Clinico-Pathological study of Thalassemia with special Ref to Genetic pattern
  • Study of Immunological behavior in case of Malnutrition and Nephritis
  • Study of pattern of Anaemia in Childhood
  • A case report of Pure Red Cell Aplasia


Doctor was good, he suggested, some medicines for 1 month.

saw Dr. Niranjan Rao Pabbathi

I consulted the doctor and he was very good. Otherwise he suggested me very good medicines which worked very well.

saw Dr. Niranjan Rao Pabbathi

Dr. Niranjan is a very good doctor.

saw Dr. Niranjan Rao Pabbathi

Doctor was good and prescribed some medicines

saw Dr. Niranjan Rao Pabbathi

The medicines were very good. Those worked well and I am very much fine now.

saw Dr. Niranjan Rao Pabbathi

Doctor was good suggested some medicine for two weeks and told consult again.

saw Dr. Niranjan Rao Pabbathi