Dr. Radha Naik: Dermatology (Skin), Tricology (Hair) in hyderabad

Dr. Radha Naik

Dermatology (Skin)
Experience: 20 years
Languages: English, Hindi, Telugu

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Dermatology (Skin), Tricology (Hair)
Positions: Consultant Dermatologist


  • M.B.B.S. from Amravati Medical College, Maharashtra, India, 1990
  • D.V.D. from M.R.M.C., Karnataka, India, 1997


  • She has done her training in Cosmetic Dermatology (Lasers, Aesthetics and Botox) from Casemerad Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Dr. Radha Naik also has vast experience in teaching and was a Lecturer in Deccan College of Medical Sciences.


  • Photodermatology
  • Botox Treatment
  • Punch grafting in Vitiligo Surgery
  • Chemical Peels for Pimples & Pigmentation
  • Removal of Corns, Warts and Skin tags
  • Treatment for Hair, Nail, Skin Disorders & Aesthetics
  • Laser Skin Surgery
  • Aesthetics


  • She has presented papers in various National Conferences.


Doctor is Excellent suggested medicine for 20 days.(Yes)

saw Dr. Radha Naik

Doctor is Excellent.suggested medicine for excellent.(Yes)

saw Dr. Radha Naik

Doctor is good.suggested medicine for 2 month(Yes)

saw Dr. Radha Naik

Doctor is good.iam very much satisfied with her treatment.this is my second visit with her suggested medicine for 20 days(Yes).

saw Dr. Radha Naik

Doctor was good, she suggested, some medicines for 20 days, and told to consult again.

saw Dr. Radha Naik

Doctor is good.suggseted medicine for 15 days.(Yes)

saw Dr. Radha Naik