Dr. Romana Ansari
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Dr. Romana Ansari

Dentist, Pedodontics, Preventive Dentistry
Experience: 14 years
English, Hindi, Telugu, Hindi

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Specialties - Dentist, Pedodontics, Preventive Dentistry
Position - Dentist

Available at -

  • Golconda Dental Hospital, Golconda 
  • Seha Hospital, Lakdi ka pul 
  • Dr. Romana's Dental Clinic, Lakdi-ka-pul 


  • BDS


  • Oral Surgeries like Oral Impactions, Apicoectomies.
  • Gum Surgeries
  • Implant Surgeries
  • Pediatric Dentistry
  • Preventive Dentistry


  • Highest Percentage in General Medicine
  • Lions Club award for social service in dental camp


Doctor was good.

saw Dr. Romana Ansari

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saw Dr. Romana Ansari

I consulted the doctor. The doctor was very good. She checked me and suggested me to go for X-Ray test.

saw Dr. Romana Ansari

She is a nice doctor and she treated me very well. I am happy and satisfied with the counseling.

saw Dr. Romana Ansari

Doctor was good and suggested some medicines.

saw Dr. Romana Ansari

Doctor was good, and he suggested to replace the tooth.

saw Dr. Romana Ansari