Dr.  B Soma Raju: Cardiology (Heart) in hyderabad

Dr. B Soma Raju

Cardiology (Heart)
Experience: 21 years
Languages: English, Hindi, Telugu

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Cardiology (Heart)
Positions: Consultant Cardiologist
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  • MBBS
  • DM
  • MD


  • Dr. B. Soma Raju has an experience of over 20 years as a cardiologist.
  • Dr. B. Soma Raju worked as as an Asst. Prof. of Cardiology at Osmania Medical College and as Additional Professor at Nizams Institute of Medical Sciences at Hyderabad.


  • Cardiac Rehabilitation Center
  • Heart Valve Center
  • Womens Cardiology Care
  • Pacemaker Clinic
  • Non-Invasive Cardiology
  • Interventional Cardiology
  • Intensive Cardiac Care Center
  • Heart Valve Center


  • Honored by Andhra Pradesh Academy of Sciences on National science Day 1997.
  • Asian Innovation Award in 1998 by The Far Eastern Economic Review.
  • Andreas Gruentzig Memorial Award 1998.
  • Conferred the 8th Yudhvir memorial award by the Yudhvir foundation for outstanding contribution to cardiac Medicare
  • "Padma Shri" by Govt. of India 2001.
  • Elected Fellow of the National Academy of Medical Sciences-2002,
  • Percutaneous Balloon versus Surgical closed Cornmissurotorny for rvfitral Stenosis- A prospective, randomized trial: Circulation, Vol 63, No.4, April 1991. RAID: 2013139
  • Percutaneous Balloon Valvuloplasty in Mirror-Image Dextrocardia and Rheumatic rvlitral Stenosis: Catheterization and Cardiovascular Diagnosis, October 1993. PMID: 8221866 >
  • Thrombolysis in left sided Prosthetic Valve Occlusion: Immediate and Follow-up results. Annals of Thoracic Surgery, August 1994. P MI D: 8067850
  • Reyes V P, Raju B S, Wynne J, et al. Percutaneous Balloon Valvuloplasty compared with Open Surgical Cornmissurotomy for Mitral Stenosis. New England Journal of Medicine: 1994; 331: 961-7. PMID: 8084354
  • Clinical Evaluation of New Balloon Mountable Coil Stent: In-hospital and follow-up results. Indian Heart Journal 1998: 50:40-44.PMID: 9583285 >
  • Prospective Observational Study of Prirnary Angioplasty of the Infarct Related Artery for Acute Myocardial Infarction. Indian Heart Journal 1999: 51: 167-72.PMID: 1040754


  • Randomized Study of Balloon rvlitral Valvuloplasty Vs Surgical Closed Mitral Commissuratomy Immediate and long-term results
  • Randomized Study of Balloon Mitral Valvuloplasty Vs Surgical Closed Open Mitral Valvotomy Immediate and long-term results. (Both the above trials are conducted in collaboration with Dept. of Cardiology, Wayne State university, Detroit, MI, U.S.A.)
  • Dietary correlation's with lipid profiles in patients with and without Coronary Artery Disease in Indian Population.
  • Phase-III Clinical Investigation of E.B.Sideri's Button Device for Closure of Arterial Septal Defects and patent ductus arteriosus.(In collaboration with Prof.E.B.Sideri's, University of Athens, Greece and University of Texas Tech.U.S.A.)
  • Indigenous development of Cardiovascular Catheters i.e.Diagnostic Catheters, Coronary .Angioplasty Balloon Catheters Valvuloplasty Balloon Catheters in Collaboration with Defence Materials & Stores Research & Development Establishment (DMSRDE), Kanpur
  • Indigenous development of external and implantable pacemakers in collaboration with Research Centre Imarat (RCI), Hyderabad
  • Development of indigenous Coronary Stent in association with Defence Metallurgical Research Laboratory Centre (DMRL), Hyderabad
  • Development of PC based Cardiac Stress Test System in association with Defence Bio-Engineering & Electromedical Laboratory (DEBEL), Bangalore


Dr's Treatment is Excellent.Good Communication and medicine is Effective.

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saw Dr. B Soma Raju


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