Dr. Vuttarapally.Srinivas
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Dr. Vuttarapally.Srinivas

General Physician
Experience: 21 years
English, Hindi, Telugu, Hindi

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Specialties - General Physician, Diabetology
Position - Consultant Diabetology, Consultant General Physician

Available at -

  • Nightingale Hospital, Saidabad 


  • M.B.B.S
  • MD
  • Worked as a Associate Professor at Deccan Medical College.
  • Worked as Consultant Diabetologist at sparsh diabetic center.


  • Critical Care
  • Diabetes


Doctor is Good, he suggested to go under the test.

saw Dr. Vuttarapally.Srinivas

Doctor was good and she suggested some test.

saw Dr. Vuttarapally.Srinivas

Doctor is good.suggested medicine for 4 days & told that if it is not cured so,told to consult her(Yes)

saw Dr. Vuttarapally.Srinivas

Doctor is good.he spoke well but what exact i thought he is not that suggested medicine for 1 week.(Yes)

saw Dr. Vuttarapally.Srinivas

Doctor was Ok.suggested test & told to admit at the hsptl but we are not frm here.doctor left frm there again down we consulted with another doctor he saw the reports & suggested medicine till 14th so,again on 14th we have to visit the hsptal but we are not satisfied with doctor behavior its not good leave the patient & going.(Yes)

saw Dr. Vuttarapally.Srinivas

Doctor was good.we are satisfied with his treatment suggested medicine she is diabetic patient so,told to continue the medicine(Yes).

saw Dr. Vuttarapally.Srinivas