Tirupati Stone Centre & Hospital, Karakardooma
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Tirupati Stone Centre & Hospital, Karakardooma

Kidney Stone
24 Hours
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About Tirupati Stone Centre & Hospital


For the Kidney Stone, almost all patients will try their best to find a goodkidney stone hospital or kidney stone centre where they could receive the best treatment. Tirupati Stone Centre is the largest specialized kidney kidney stone treatment hospital and urology and laparoscopy centre in delhi. We achieved mastering in the technique of kidney stone removal by laser, now Tirupati Stone Centre is proud to introduce another revolutionizing technology. i.e "holmium laser for prostate"

Our vision is to provide ‘World Class Treatment at Third World cost’ for thekidney stone treatment without surgeryTirupati Stone Centre is benchmarked to International standards achieving quality through the relentless adherence to the protocols observed in some of the world's leading Urology hospitalsTirupati Stone Centre is committed to quality  care  that  not  only  addresses the  illness but also concentrates on  the overall wellness of the patients.  For  the excellency in the services and treating the most challenging cases. At Tirupati Stone Centre we have assembled the finest talents in Urology and Laparoscopy, be they doctors, nurses or technicians and even management professionals across a wide spectrum. Enabling them to deliver the highest quality of healthcare.There are state-of-the art facilities and support infrastructure at our hospital. Taking in view, our International standard success rate many Public sector undertakings, Multinationals, Insurance companies and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare have empanelled us for the treatment of their employees and their dependants.


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Urinary Stone



Enucleation of Prostate
Prostate Cancer


Gall Bladder Stone
Hernia Repair
Uterine Fibroids
Uterine Prolapse

General Urology

Ureteric Stricture
Urethral Stricture
Erectile Dysfunction
Male Infertility
Female Urinary


Stats at a glance

Type Kidney Stone
Hours of Operations 24 Hours
Inpatient Facility Yes
Number of Doctors 1 doctor
Services Urology Related Services
Departments Urology Services Offered



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