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Genesis Psychology Clinic, Banjara Hills

Psychology Clinic
10: 00 AM - 08:00 PM
Doctors: 1

About Genesis Psychology Clinic

Genesis Psychology Clinic is a multi-specialty Clinic and recognized for its transforming cutting edge that is committed & dedicated to the mental health and well-being. Our mission is to provide evidence-based programs and interventions to people who are experiencing mental health, life-skills and wellness or other problems in living so they can respond to the stressors that they experience in the home, school, workplace, and society with resilience and pro-social, adaptive behavior. We are committed to effective, evidence-based interventions, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Relaxation Therapy, and Behavioral Medicine approaches. At GENESIS, we are committed to the science of engineering Brain and behavior. We offer excellent counseling and lifeskills services to all individuals, couples, and families in the society. We are dedicated in providing high quality counseling services that combine traditional with advanced treatment strategies aimed at improving therapy outcomes. We will provide state of the art psychological and lifeskills interventions, which are highly effective reducing pain, distress and life issues. The Clinic offers psychological assessment, lifeskills and therapy services to people of all ages, including children, adolescents, adults and older adults. Treatment Age(s) Adolescents, Adults, Children 10+, Couples, Families, seniors. Finding a psychologist who is compassionate, capable and sensitive can be difficult. Genesis provides you suitable Psychologist/ Clinical Psychologist / Psychotherapist / Corporate Psychologist/ Stress-Anger-Pain-Lifestyle-Wellness-Management Consultant/ Counselor/ Cognitive Behavior Therapist, Life Skill Expert Certified Health Coach; Relaxation Therapist/ with whom you can consult your problems-issues. HERE ARE SOME OTHER REASONS TO CONSIDER US: Very Strict confidentiality is maintained at all times and at any cost. Maintaining your integrity and confidentiality are the highest priorities, and the reasons many individuals choose our professional services. Clinical Psychologists with Doctoral level qualifications in Clinical Psychology and healthcare industry. More than 10 years’ experience. Have been involved in teaching, research, drug trials and supervision within the psychology profession. Strong backgrounds in successfully treating a wide range of presenting issues in a number of clinical contexts. Take a clear and practical approach to psychology. Focus on understanding your needs and then providing a range of targeted treatments and strategies. We are committed to providing effective evidence-based, best practices and remain fully engaged in professional development. Our unique feature makes us distinct from others: the time we spend with each client. Our philosophical roots are in treating the Cause, not the effect. No medicine is involved. Our innate urge is to enhance the Quality of your life. Our Result Oriented approach makes us unique. In addition, at the sessions you can begin a NEW Life. At Genesis, we treat each patient as an individual and work to develop the skills you require to solve your present problems, and those all through your life. I will take my time to carefully understand your complete situation, you as a person, and the aspirations you desire. At Genesis YOU are important for us. It's Good to Talk to a Psychologist Are you struggling with emotional difficulties, know something is wrong but not how to get back on track? Working with a psychologist can assist you feel better and more fulfilled in your life. Therapy does not necessarily have to last a long time and even seeing a qualified psychologist for a brief period can equip you with valuable knowledge and skills to assist you with managing painful emotions, changing unhelpful behaviors and having a greater sense of well being. We understand that life can be stressful and certain situations can be overwhelming. In addition, as a practicing psychologist, I am here to listen and to help you on your path to wellness and a rewarding and effective life. Through discussing, exploring, listening, and mindfulness, we will work together to assess your issues and work to resolve them. The road to the life you want to be living takes dedication, hard work, education and change. It takes being with someone who knows how to listen and to hear. My goal is to help you experience success in dealing with issues that are painful for you and get in the way of your living the life you want to live. Psychotherapy is a collaborative effort and I am here to work together with you on your recovery and wellness.

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Type Psychology Clinic
Hours of Operations 10: 00 AM - 08:00 PM
Inpatient Facility No
Number of Doctors 1 doctor
Services Clinical Psychology, Psychology, Counseling, Psychotherapy, Counselling, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Neuropsychology, Psychological Testing, Psychological Assessment, Psychometric Assessment, Employee Assistance Program
Departments Clinical Psychology, Psychology, Neuropsychology


Hospital management was good. Staffs were cooperative and well mannered. Hospitals hygiene and cleanliness was good.

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clinic is also fine. but little bit difficult about the address.

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the hospital is not so big.

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hospital and there response and staff also good.

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Hospital and staff response was good

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No issues.

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