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Fayth Clinic, Prabhadevi

Doctors: 3

Diagnostic Tests offered by Fayth Clinic, Prabhadevi


  • CBC Test


  • PTT


  • INR

About Fayth Clinic

Offers quality based specialty and superspeciality health services with a thrust on clinical care located in the heart of Mumbai at Prabhadevi, close to famous Siddhi Vinayak Temple and Ravindra Natya Mandir, this clinic offers a gamut of medical outpatient services with experienced medical experts in an ambient and comfortable atmosphere with state of art technology.

Specialties offered are

  1. Cardiology and cardiac rehab and fitness

  2. Adolescent pediatrics

  3. Pediatrics

  4. General medicine

  5. Gynaecology

  6. Ophthalmology

  7. ENT

  8. Pulmonology and PFT

  9. Dermatology and medical cosmetology

  10. Surgery

  11. Orthopedics

  12. Psychiatry and counseling

  13. Endocrinology

  14. Radiology and ultrasound

  15. Dietician

  16. Oncology

To develop an advanced and comprehensive outpatient medical clinic with multi specialty service and medical rehabilitation unit under one roof.

To provide quality health care services at an affordable costs.
Health care accessible to all
To prevent heart and lifestyle diseases from teens to senior citizens.
To tackle obesity medically, as it is the root cause of lifestyle diseases.

Quality medical services in a time bound manner
Patient friendly environment 
Striving to establish doctor patient relationship centered on faith
Provide for empathetic, caring and helpful response to the patient and their relatives needs
Commitment to excellence
providing latest medical expertise placed in competent hands.

Stats at a glance

Type Multispeciality
Hours of Operations N.A.
Inpatient Facility No
Number of Doctors 3 doctors
Services * Diagnostic * Complete Health Check up packages * Consulting OPD Services * Medigym Packages o Cardiac Rehab o Diabetic Rehab o Obesity Rehab o Osteoporotic Rehab o Postpartum Rehab o Weight Loss & Weight Gain


Hospital management was OK. Staffs were cooperative and well mannered. Hospitals hygiene and cleanliness was good. Will recommend the hospital to friends and relatives.

went to Fayth Clinic

went to Fayth Clinic

The hospital staff is also helpful for me.

went to Fayth Clinic


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