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Here are the feedback from folks who availed our services. Just so you know, the feedback here are only from people who booked appointments through Ziffi. Feedback which we receive from people who have not yet booked an appointment are not shown here. However, all the feedback which we receive are duly analyzed.

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Good that you are covering many docs.

Sukumar Kondaparthy ., 92******42 (2 years ago)

I am very happy with this service, I wouldn't have even known about the doctor with out this website. Good website, informative.

Ravi Shankar, 90******22 (2 years ago)

Awesome Follow up. I appreciate and I feel getting pampered.

baby ayana, 81******73 (2 years ago)

Good site and provides very good information about the doctors and specialist in the field. As a outsider its very difficult get a good doctor in new city but DocSuggest made my job very easy, just by doing couple clicks I was able to determine the man to go to, thanks for such a good Database.

pradeep kamat, 99******55 (2 years ago)

Best way to get an appointment. Faster than contacting the hospital.

Manjusree Dakinedi, 98******89 (2 years ago)

I am very happy with DocSuggest side especially the follow-ups.

Hanumantha Rao, 98******64 (2 years ago)

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